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A memorial of the Battle of Worringen… made in 1988… We stumbled across it today on a little venture out. Beautifully crafted but incredibly creepy and dark.

The Battle of Worringen was fought on June 5, 1288, near the town of Worringen (also spelled Woeringen), which is now the northernmost borough ofCologne. The battle was fought for the possession of the Duchy of Limburg, and was one of the largest battles in Europe in the Middle Ages.

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Tim Péwé

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New Giveaway!   These are my new favorite earrings, hand cut, heavy sterling silver.

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Art in progress.

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chef bones, vintage label, gouache, 2012

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MAIL ART GIVEAWAY! Win this original mail art envelope in time for Halloween season. Heck, I might even suspend frame it for you!

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The Machinist ~ Aaron C. Bass

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