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I love my country… I just think we need to see other people. 

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Tired eyes, original photo.

© Lotusheart Studio 2012

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Art in progress.

{original photo}

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La vie est faite de morceaux qui ne se joignent pas.
[Life is made of pieces that do not join.]

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yesno blog roll - ” INTERMEZZO ” ZSUZSI CSISZER- yesno© l ink on paper 2012


yesno blog roll - ” INTERMEZZO ” ZSUZSI CSISZER- yesno© l ink on paper 2012

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Hell’s on my mind - 2012 - Digital sketch on smart phone - Computer generated picture

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NASA’s Pioneer Plaques

The 1972 and 1973 launches of Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, respectively, carried plaques that carried pictorial messages. Since these were the first spacecraft ever intended to leave the Solar System, NASA’s engineers weren’t sure what, or who, could stumble across them. Just in case the spacecraft were intercepted by extraterrestrial life, these plaques were installed to the spacecraft’s antenna support struts. The messages were supposed to carry information about the spacecraft’s creators. 

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your work is to discover your own world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
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We all carry amazing quantities of darkness and light with us on the roads we travel. The roads we refuse to travel, perhaps those we step on for a moment and then run desperately back towards the safety of the known, visible pathway where our footprints show dimly in the soft layer of dust that covers the never really paved stretch of road between the past and the distant and unknowable future.
The trick is to know every bit of what you are carrying and to embrace it.

Portrait of Mr. Bamboo Hat, Luo Ping, c. 1755.

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