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Two tracks from each of the four albums of “Holy Soul Jelly Roll” by Allen Ginsberg.
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Bob Dylan

Peak date & (Position) = 7/30/1966 (#20)

RG Year Rank #194 (2,560 pts.) / Billboard Rank #188

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“All I Really Want To Do” by Bob Dylan.

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We were lighting cigarettes 
placing bets on all 
the fights that were going on 
We were walking in the streets 
nameless dogs in the dusk 
where the drunks and taxis meet

as I was tracing on the map 
the path where I felt 
I was lost and alone 
only to master myself 
all the silver and gold I’d give to be 
back on the road that leads you back to me

We were basking in the sun 
in a daydream found 
on a sleepless night in Beijing 
and the dawn as it approached 
broke the haze and the smoke 
that came from the night before

by dawn’s first light, I leave this city behind 
and the voices of the crowd will slowly leave my mind 
and I live that daydream with you in the sun 
has this finally ended, or has it just begun?


This is the final track of the 2012 demo - I move tomorrow and start school in less than a week.
Thanks everyone, it’s been good :]

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Skull “Hobo” Nickels

The sudden scarcity of jobs in the early 1930s forced a huge number of men to hit the road. Certainly some coins were carved to fill the idle hours. More importantly, a ‘knight of the road,’ with no regular source of income, could take one of these plentiful coins and turn it into a folk art piece, which could in turn be sold or traded for small favors such as a meal or shelter for a night.

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